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Site Finding 2019

Superb panel taking shape at the Site Finding & Development Event - Likely to be a very popular day #LD Events #sitefinding

Site Finding & Development

The 2019 UK Site Finding & Development Conference has now launched, expect some key discussions and vital information on best practice

Site Finding Event Update

Expecting a large audience at our Site Finding Event - guidance on best practice to find land, get planning and develop....


The conference takes place on Tuesday 21st May 2019 at The Cavendish Conference Centre in London W1.

This event offers a chance to be completely updated on the current Land, Development & Site Finding markets and hear guidance on where to logically look for sites and learn where the current opportunities are. An experienced line up of development market experts provide advice on where to find sites and how to work with them and their vendors, and offer crucial updates on the current Residential Development Process as a whole.

There is detailed viability and planning advice, information on how to work with certain types of site and strategic land, and how to bring a site through the construction & development process, as well as guidance on sales, Build to Rent and exit strategies for development projects. We also look at s106 and CIL, plus how to structure land deals and avoid common mistakes.

This event is likely to sell out  so please book early to guarantee your place.

We’re expecting this to be very popular as always, and it’s a chance to be completely updated on the market, cross off some CPD, and network with the leading players in the development sector. It should be a very worthwhile day.


Conference Timetable


Chairmans Introduction and Welcome
Andy Leahy, Managing Director, Bespoke Property Group


How is the UK Housing Market performing and what are the projections moving forward?

How is the Resi Development market performing regionally & where are the opportunity areas in both the sales and rental markets?

How is the new build market performing when compared to second hand markets?

What can we expect with Brexit and other political issues?

Oliver Knight, Senior Analyst, Knight Frank


Where is the next site coming from?
Where should developers be looking for the next strategic site?

How can Strategic Land be promoted?
Understanding brownfield, industrial and employment sites and what might become available next. The most logical places to look for development land when considering current legislation


Update on Trends in the Land Market across the UK

Who is buying what and where across the country?
Where are the opportunities for land acquisition in London & the regions?

Lawrence Bowles, Residential Research, Savills


How has the Site Finding and Land Acquisition Process Evolved and where is it going?
Are there really any real ‘off-market’ development opportunities in the modern market?
Where & how should a developer be looking for land in 2019?

What is the future for the Site Finding and where does technology fit in?

How can a land buyer secure robust and accurate data?

Paul Higgs, CEO, Millbank Group


Questions for Oliver, TBC, Lawrence & Paul


Networking Coffee Break


Joint Ventures between the Public & Private Sectors – why is there so much interest in this market?

What do those look to Invest with Local Authorities and Housing Associations need to know?

Where are the partnership opportunities & what kind of delivery volumes are realistically possible?

New Partners & New Vehicles – Attracting New Investment & Innovation and the role it plays in Future Delivery of Housing

Understanding how Private Sector Investment with Local Authorities and Housing Associations is important to helping delivery goals
How can the needs of both the investor and the Local Authority or Housing Association best be married together?

How much private investment has there been into Affordable Housing in the UK?
What is the long-term investment capacity of this market and where do we see the growth areas?

Tonia Secker, Partner – Head of Housing & Regeneration, Trowers & Hamlins



Panel Session – A modern collaborative Approach to Delivering Housing
How can Private Developers, Local Authorities & Public Sector Land Owners work together?

Where are the land opportunities for developers and what sort of sites are available?

What kind of public sector land is available and how can developers partner to deliver on such sites?
Understanding public sector land disposals, corporate land owners and institutional land

What is the appetite for joint ventures and how should both parties approach this?

What kind of collaborations are Private Sector Developers looking for?

How do developers view the current land market? Where are we with prices and what is the appetite to JV with land owners?
What is the real future of the housing market? How do private sector developers & local Authorities see future delivery?
Where do Build to Rent and for sale development fit?
What kind of approach are local authorities taking to Build to Rent and similar evolving products?

How can we make larger regeneration happen and what are the parties looking for from each other?

Joanne Barrett, Joint Housing Manager, South Northants and Cherwell District Councils

Barbara Brownlee, Executive Director of Growth, Planning and Housing, Westminster City Council

Kathryn Pennington, New Projects Director, Galliford Try Partnerships

Debra Yudolph, Partner, SAY Property Consulting LLP

Tonia Secker, Partner – Head of Housing & Regeneration, Trowers & Hamlins

Andy Leahy, Managing Director, Bespoke Property Group (Panel Chair)


Getting the Viability Process Spot On – why is it so important?

Understanding both the Developer and Local Authority perspective – what is the best approach?
Looking at housing supply and site planning 

How to work with the local authority to get things right

How are the NPPF and the NPPG affecting the ‘existing use value versus market value’ debate?

Nick Bignall, Partner, Turner Morum LLP



A Planning Update

How to get through the process as easily and efficiently as possible to get a development built.
Where are we with Section 106 in the current market and what should developers be aware of? How do we negotiate the right terms?

What is happening with CIL? A briefing on the latest rules and how to work with them.

Permitted Development Rights – where are we?

Planning Appeals – what trends are we seeing?

What other bits of recent legislation do developers need to be aware of?

Claire Dutch, Partner, Hogan Lovells International LLP



Questions for Nick and Claire


Networking Lunch Break


The different ways of structuring a land or development deal and what we need to know in the current Resi Development Market.
Which structures are best used when? Where do JVs fit in and what options are there?
What are the emerging trends and how can a developer ensure they have the best possible agreement in place?

Deepa Deb, Partner, Dentons

A Best Practice guide for Developers - Optimising Site Density through good planning & using current legislation
How to get the best possible scheme onto a site – what do developers need to know in 2019? How can this be best accomplished?

What is happening with building density and where are the key locations?

Felicie Krikler, Director, Assael Architects


Getting your development built on time and on budget – what you need to know

Negotiating the construction contract and understanding the current key issues when it comes to building your development. Capacity, Cost and Efficiency.

Looking at emerging construction methods and their importance
When will off site manufacture and modular construction be cost effective?

When will realistic scale be achieved?

Rob Littlewood, Director, Cast Consultancy


Planning the Best Exit Route for a Residential Development Site

How to devise a strong Exit strategy – what are the key factors and delivering the right product for the right market.

Who is buying and what are they looking for?
With stalling prices, which are the key details to making a project successful?

Understanding off plan sales, overseas sales and local markets and making them work together.

When does the Build to Rent Market work and what should developers be looking for when considering this – what are the exit strategies & who are the buyers?

Madeleine Maguire, Residential Development, Savills



Questions for Deepa, Felicie, Rob & Madeleine 



Close & Networking Drinks Session




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